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Φεβρουάριος 2018

Location of Plytra

plytra 03

Flag of Greece


Plytra (or Plitra) is a coastal sparsely settlement close (4 km) to Papadianika of Monemvasia’ Municipality.

Plytra away from Athens 290 km and from Sparta 73 km.

It has roughly 170 residents.

At Plytra one can find spotless beaches (Pachia Ammos, Artani, Kokkines, Ammoulis) with crystal blue water, ideal for swimming or fishing. Especially the beach which its called “Pachia Ammos” is being labelled with ‘BLUE FLAG’ mark.

The beautiful coastline county of the Municipality with the central Port, which can accommodates fishing boats and yachts. Every summer, Municipality of Monemvasia along with local communities organize a variety of cultural events, like music concert by local groups or by famous artists, painting exhibitions, beach parties, etc.

In Plytra you can find playground, parking area for caravans, cafeterias, restaurants and traditional ouzo bars.

You can also have outdoor activities like walking, trekking, cycling,( This is also the home of the Friends Rental Bicycle club ‘’ Podilatoparea’’) jogging, climbing, agrotourism, sailing and fishing.

The first ever build house in Artani – literally on the beach – belonged to the Venetsanakis Family. Today the pre 1870 build residence is abandoned and in ruins. Rumors have it that Theodoros Kolokotronis – one of the leaders of the Hellenic Revolution in 1821 – was offered accommodation there, as both families were tied by means of a strong and long lasting friendship.

Opposite Plytra and before cape Xili comes the county of Karavostasi with the exceptional traditional rock buildings. The sea bottom of Xyli bay is home to a sunken torpedo ship. The latter was attacked on April 27th 1941 by the German Luftwaffe and lies in a depth between 9m and 12m. videoyoutube

The weather condition at Plytra and at the whole area of Monemvasia’ Municipality are the best in Greece.



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