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Φεβρουάριος 2018

History of Plytra

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In Plytra (or Plitra), in the region called ‘Kokkines’, exists the sunk city of Ancient Asopos', which the ruins are distinguished up to today with naked eye in the sea but also across the coastline.

Relics of the Roman town of Asopos, which very probably had been erected above the ruins of the ancient town of Asopos can be found in the same region.

The town was sunk at 365 BC after a very powerful earthquake.

The town of Asopos, member of theEleftherolakonon Commonwealth’, was an ancient town which provided a safe port and had also its own currency with the sign ΑΣΩΠΕΙΤΩΝ (Asopiton).

It is marked that in a Decree of 1870 AC, about the approval of the town planning of Plytra, a layout of 9 building squares is remarked "ruins of ancient city".

For the same place, in a decision of Minister of Presidency of Government at 1966 AC, about characterization as archaeological spaces and historical preservable monuments, is entered the phrase: "extensive relics of the Roman city of Asopos".

Paleokastro is situated on the county road of Papadianika – Demonia, and used to be the Acropolis of the ancient town of the whole area. The view from Paleokastro is unique and you can see the whole bay of Lakoniko.


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